Latest Software Trends in Employee Time and Attendance

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Some companies still use time and attendance applications that fall short, despite significant technological advancements available today. Because of this, these firms’ HR and payroll sections might still be in danger for costly data entry mistakes, events of worker overpayment, along with a large chunk of managerial and administrative hours which may be utilised elsewhere.

Listed below are a couple of compelling reasons to invest in a brand-new time and attendance software:

Now’s an excellent time to catch up on the latest tech trends in monitoring and tracking worker time and attendance. Long gone are the days of paper timesheets and tedious, time-consuming data entry and manual calculations. Today‚Äôs savvy software can do it all for you. Here are some key improvements that can radically improve operations in your organisation:

Automated Time Tracking

A fresh wave of programs which reside in the cloud provides real-time accessibility to information, offering workers an innovative, user-friendly option to manual or obsolete time-tracking processes. Automated programs comprise employee dashboards and adaptive punch procedures, including the capability to clock through cellular drives via a single smartphone or tablet computer apparatus.

WiFi-Enabled Time Clocks

New hardware technologies built to a WiFi-enabled time clock may support up to 500 employees’ attendance and time record-keeping. This biometric fingerprint attendance system is a solution which can help guarantee time-punch precision (using an optional picture capture), promoting greater efficiency and accuracy.

Advanced Scheduling Modules

Scheduling occurs via cloud-based applications also. This time and attendance solution offers companies greater flexibility and visibility in managing employee schedules. Schedules could be monitored on a weekly basis, by organisational unit or worker group, with pre-requisite capacity requirements per worker change. Additionally, employees can undoubtedly provide their accessibility to managers and get email notifications of program changes in real time, making things more straightforward when it comes to preparation and maintaining responsibilities within their private lives.

Phone and Tablet App

Some companies are embracing a cell punch alternative smartphone application for Apple iOS apparatus –which allows workers to readily punch in and out with their Apple apparatus; a perfect source for those on the move. Throughout app’s improved performance and slick user interface, companies may record real-time data. Employees can punch in and out of the job once they are within the GPS range of the workplace, increasing convenience and efficiency.

Biometric Kiosk

This Android-based touch-screen tablet permits workers to verify work programs, review their time cards, and request time off. In some variations, workers can quickly scan present job listings and other capabilities. Much like other biometric devices, companies no longer must be worried about episodes of time-theft or even buddy-punching. Fingerprint readers and different kinds of authentication can help eliminate misconduct linked to time and presence.

Mobile Time Sheets

Gone is the day of registering a sheet of paper or using cards made by clocks. Mobile timesheet software, downloaded within a program to your tablet computer or another mobile device, empowers employees to get timesheets on the internet. The information supplied within this user-friendly method helps companies with payroll processing, record-keeping, and the capability to carefully track attendance.