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Maintaining an up-to-date Website


Everything becomes obsolete which is why it is important to keep everything up to date and that includes your website. It is important to stay current within the industry with the primary focus being your business along with the customers experience. If you have a good web developer, they will know how to implement the correct tech for your website. New features, applications and accessibility need to be incorporated into your website as they happen. 

Ensure you follow with your attention on the following:

  • New technologies and applications
  • Design trends and comparison to your website
  • Appearance and functionality in the different browsers/devices
  • Goal orientated roadmaps

Website owners and developers don’t run out of ideas for improvements, having a road map will help. A roadmap outlines the proposed and planning of improvements. You should not have a roadmap that ends it needs to be updated often to evolve.

Your wish list

Website planning comes with a wish list. When you come up with that idea or heard a good recommendation from a customer survey write it down straight away. Having a wish list means you can capture the good ideas and review them at a better time. This becomes a base for you planning and will majorly come in handy in order to attain that competitive edge and alter those mistakes that were made by other similar websites. You learn from other’s and your own mistakes which makes you one step closer to perfection. This can be one of the biggest take away from your first step. 

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Roadmap practices

A roadmap differs from a wish list. A wish list is simply improvements you might consider making whereas a roadmap is improvements that you need to make. These improvements are prioritised which helps you to focus on the resources needed for the website design improvement to get you reaching the business objectives sooner.


Your initial roadmap is established this means you can now start planning gout the execution. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. Agree on the time frame and the pricing with the web developer before any work is started. Make sure that you let the assigned web developer know every bit of your needs a and requirements in order to come out with a masterpiece with little or close to no room for errors. Improvements tend to be beneficial when they are achieved within budget and time. If your improvements come with an expensive price tag and take a long time to achieve then it may be too late to get the return you were expecting. Bring in new features one at a time. This approach will allow you to evaluate the improvement and make any adjustments as they are needed. Focusing on the one thing at a time will ensure you can take the time to go through the level of impact that these changes have made.

The results

Once completion has been made from each improvement or feature then you need to evaluate the results. Be sure to see that the improvements have been implemented as they were planned, and the results are positive and got you what you wanted. Were the results running in with your overall objectives? If they don’t seem to be then different aspects of the plan will not stay on track. Pause and re-analyse each time before investing your money and time into improvements. Adjustments of your overall roadmap may need to come into play however keeping up with the technology is important to ensure your website does not fall into the obsolete category which will lead to your business or service slowly phase out.