Cyber and Workplace Security

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Security in a workplace is not just the job of management, security personnel and security cameras. Being security conscious at your workplace is a responsibility that you should be aware of. Security in a business incorporates several aspects, ranging from personal security to item and data security. Here are a couple of ways that you can use to ensure that your business is secure.

Data security

The data security of any business is of crucial importance and must be adequately protected. Here are some of the ways to achieve this.

  1. Data security prioritisation

Ensuring the safety of your data should be the top priority your business should focus on. Several entities and organisations’ intentions are to gain access to business data for malicious reasons such as blackmail, eliminating the competition and so many other reasons. You could ensure data security by creating a committee that deals exclusively with data security. Assigning someone accountable for that purpose increases data protection.

You could also store the data on hard drives or physical files, then keep them under lock and key in a secure vault, appointing a responsible person to be in charge of the data that is being stored or removed from it. This way you can easily track the data flow and ensure that it does not land in the wrong hands.

You may also consider employing a professional to assist in the regulatory matters that may concern your data security.

  1. Establishing data policies

These policies should ensure that data not in use anymore is disposed of appropriately, and those that are of importance are safeguarded appropriately. Data policies should be clear enough to all of your employees to ensure that they are followed to the letter. Create a checklist to track the flow of data for easy management.  Training and coaching in business ethics and demeanour should be focussed upon predominantly by a company for better results in this field.

  1. Disposing of irrelevant data

It becomes crucial to properly destroy data that is no longer used to avoid them from landing in the wrong hands. You could clear a hard drive or permanently destroy it to prevent the risk of the data being called up again. It is also important to note that the electronics and devices that are currently used in the office setting have drives and memory that store information such as copiers and scanners. Before getting rid of such devices, ensure that you have destroyed all data which may have been stored on them soon after the process of productivity monitoring.

Personal security

It is essential that a business establishes measures that ensure the safety and security of its employees. This is done by creating a secure environment and secure place. Here are some ways to achieve this.

  1. Monitoring entry and exit at the workplace

This does not only apply to the gates but also essential to rooms in the business premises or affiliates such as warehouses. Managing this will ensure that personal safety is maintained. You may choose to apply biometrics to provide authorised access.

  1. Proper exit channels

At times, accidents are inevitable, such as fire outbreaks. A business should have an appropriate escape route to ensure that employees are secure and safe. You may have safety doors at identifiable spots in your workplace premises which the employees can use to exit the premises.

Applying these measures to boost the security will not only increase productivity but also create a safe and secure environment for personnel to work in. Security measures also save a lot of expenses that the business may have otherwise incurred in case of a data breach, break-in or cyber-attack.